German-Swedish “Carbon Farming“

June 2021

The German subsidiary of American farming company Indigo Agriculture has teamed up with Sweden’s Wasa, the world’s largest crispbread producer, for a three-year pilot project aimed at developing organic farming methods that bind carbon dioxide in the soil while minimizing the need for pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

The goal of the project, which kicked off last fall, is to reduce the CO2 emissions caused by the cultivation of rye. Under its auspices, twenty farmers in Sweden and Germany are converting to regenerative agriculture with the help of Indigo’s digital solutions, workshops and other assistance.

“We firmly believe in the potential of regenerative agricultural practices for improving soil, yields and ultimately our planet,” said Indigo Agriculture Head of Europe Georg Goeres in a statement. “With the pilot program in Germany and Sweden, we want to demonstrate the complete spectrum of advantages of regenerative agriculture, and we’ll attempt to understand all the challenges faced by farmers…and figure out what’s needed to scale up the program.”

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