German Tug Boat Helps Unblock Suez Canal

March 2021

The good news came after the container ship “Ever Given” had been stuck in one of the world’s major waterways, disrupting global supply chains, for a week. A team of tugboats, led by the German-made “ALP Guard” finally managed to free the massive shipping vessel, which is roughly the size of New York City’s Empire State Building.

The ALP Guard was made in the northern German port of Cuxhaven, with four engines produced in the city of Kiel even further to the north. Together the engines generate 18,000 kilowatts, giving the boat has a pulling power of 285 tons – more powerful than any of the boats that had previously tried to free the Ever Given. The Kieler Nachrichten newspaper called it “the most powerful tug boat in the world.”

The ALP Guard was on its way from Turkey to Far East on Sunday, when it received a request for emergency assistance from the Dutch company in charge of the Ever Given recovery operation in the Suez Canal.

ALP-Guard in action © alp maritime