German University Develops Anti-Viral Light Curtain

December 2021

Researchers at the Tropical Institute of the Ludwig Maximillian University (LMU) Clinic in Munich have come up with a novel way to prevent the spread of virus-carrying aerosols: a pathogen-killing barrier of ultraviolet light.

The system has proven effectively in tests against E. coli, S. aureus and one variant of coronavirus. Developers say a double application of the system eliminates 99 percent of pathogens.

“You can hang our system from the ceiling like a lighting fixture,” said Dr. Andreas Wieser, an expert for microbiology, virology and infectious epidemiology at the LMU, in a statement. “The concentrated UV-C light shines down toward the floor. Like a protective curtain, pathogens are deactivated, when they float through [the light] on aerosol particles.”

The paper detailed the results of scientists research is still awaiting peer review.