Germans Smartening Up Their Homes

September 2020

Smart Homes are growing in popularity in Germany, found a study commissioned by the country’s digital industry organization bitkom.

In a representative survey of 1465 Germans, 37 percent of those asked said that they had already installed at least one smart application in their homes. Among the most popular were intelligent programs controlling lighting, heating and alarm systems.

The bitkom report also profiled how Germans purchased smart home solutions. 37 percent of users bought from brick-and-mortar electronics stores while 26 percent of purchases were made over the Internet. 19 percent of users bought their smart-home solutions from specialist shops or directly from the tradespeople who installed them.

61 percent of those surveyed sought advice in brick-and-mortar shops while 44 percent did online research.

The bitkom statistics reflect clear growth potential for the future. 49 percent of those asked said that they wished they could network all their household appliances and control them from a central digital source. And 66 percent said they favored rules mandating smart energy use in all newly constructed buildings.

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