Germany and Namibia Agree H2 Partnership

August 2021

German and Namibian representatives have signed a Joint Communiqué of Intent paving the way for their countries to cooperate on producing and utilizing green hydrogen. Germany is the first country to conclude such an agreement with Namibia. The German Ministry of Education and Research will fund the cooperation with EUR 40 million.

“Namibia has enormous potential for scaling up a green hydrogen industry” said German Education and Research Minister Anja Karliczek. “High wind speeds in Namibia mean that the generation of wind power is particularly profitable. Solar power harbors an even greater potential thanks to over 3,500 hours of sunshine per year. This is almost twice as much as Germany has to offer. We therefore think that one kilogram of hydrogen from Namibia will eventually cost between one-and-a-half and two euros. This would be the most competitive price in the world, which would be a huge locational advantage for hydrogen ‘made in Namibia.’”

Germany is aiming to become the world number one in the green hydrogen economy in the coming years and will require far more clean H2 than the country itself can produce. For this reason, Germany`s national hydrogen strategy foresees significant imports of environmentally generated hydrogen.

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