Germany as a “Sustainable Finance” Location

May 2019

The State Secretaries’ Committee for Sustainable Development has approved fresh efforts to help make Germany a leading location for “sustainable finance”, which the federal government understands as financial market players taking sustainability into account in their decision-making. The Committee made a number of decisions during the meeting, including:

• To develop a sustainable finance strategy for the federal government

• To establish an advisory board to allow representatives of the federal government, the financial sector, the real economy, civil society and research/academia to engage in dialogue related to sustainable finance

• To continue to foster exchange of experience on sustainable finance at institutions with ties to the federal government

• To develop a communication strategy for sustainable finance aimed at consumers and the public

• To explore the possibility of issuing green or sustainable German government bonds in Germany

The federal government believes that sustainable finance can help achieve the sustainability goals of the UN 2013 Agenda, the Addis Ababa Agenda and the 2015 Paris Agreement. The State Secretaries’ Committee for Sustainable Development is the central steering body of Germany’s updated 2016 National Sustainable Development Strategy.