Germany Exploring New Ways of Solar Expansion

February 2022

After a downswing, solar-generated electricity made a major rebound in 2021, and that’s not gone unnoticed among German policy makers. Germany is currently mulling over how to get the country to make even better use of the power of the sun.

One major option being explored is the dual use of agricultural land for the installation of solar power panels. The government says that power generation facilities are perfectly compatible with the needs of crops and plans to subsidize them using existing renewable energy source legislation. The government is also planning enhanced government premiums to encourage solar panels on building roofs, reports news magazine Der Spiegel.

Germany wants to increase the total area used for solar power generation by nine percent as part of its goal of generating 200 gigawatts annual in electricity from photovoltaics by 2030. PV currently produces under 60 gigawatts. The government has targeted an 80 percent share of electricity from renewables by 2030, and some have called for renewables to cover 100 percent by 2035.

According to estimates solar contributed more than wind to Germany’s electricity grid in 2021.

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