Germany Extends Successful Coronavirus Short-Time Work Scheme

The Federal Government has decided to extend its Coronavirus Kurzarbeit (“Short-Time Work”) scheme through to the end of 2021 to maintain jobs and lay the way for economic recovery.

September 2020

Flexible Kurzarbeit scheme extended with relaxed conditions

Germany is set to extend the Kurzarbeit (“Short-Time Work”) furlough scheme that protects businesses and jobs to the end of next year. To date, companies have signed up almost 12 million workers to the scheme, designed to protect jobs from the Coronavirus crisis lockdown (around six million employees have in fact utilized the scheme, with the remainder able to continue working unaffected).

The move, designed to safeguard jobs as the economy starts a gradual process of recovery, sees the relaxed short-time work conditions extended through to the end of 2021.

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