Germany Funds 6G Research with €700 Million

April 2021

Germany’s Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is making a massive investment to help 6G communications technology replace the current standard 5G. The ministry is allocating EUR 700 million from the government’s “Future Fund” and elsewhere to underwrite 6G research in the coming four years.

“We have to think now about the day after tomorrow and help shape key new communications technologies and standards right from the start,” said Research Minister Anja Karliczek in a statement. “With 6G, data will be transferred 100 times as quickly as with 5G, bringing great advantages for both individual mobile communication as well as industry and agriculture. If you want to fully develop your potential, there’s no way around 6G.”

6G will allow for better integrations of real and virtual worlds using artificial intelligence and could enable applications such as the streaming high-resolution, real-time holograms, Karliczek added.

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