Germany Funds International Green H2 Partnerships for SMEs

May 2022

As part of the German National Hydrogen Strategy , which includes EUR two billion for international projects, the national government has launched an initiative it calls the International Hydrogen Ramp-up Program, or H2Uppp.

Funded by Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action and administered by the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ), it seeks to pair German companies, particularly SMEs, with partners abroad. This public-private-partnership is open to projects of up to EUR two million, with companies eligible for cash payments of as much as EUR 200,000.

The GIZ is especially looking for partners in ten target nations: India, Thailand, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and South Africa.

Green hydrogen is to play a key role in Germany’s transition to clean energy, but there is no way for the country to produce H2 in the quantities that will be needed. So the German National Hydrogen strategy explicitly envisions large amounts of H2 being imported from abroad .

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