Germany Gets First 3D-Printed House

August 2021

The town of Beckum is the location of the first-ever domestic residence in the country that was made by additive manufacturing.

Ina Schnarrenbach, the construction minister of the western German regional state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), called this pilot project a “model with broad implications” that illustrated opportunities for “simplifying construction processes.”

The two-story, 160-square-meter house was constructed by the PERI company using a 3D printer to build up layer upon layer of concrete. The process was capable of constructing one square meter every five minutes, the NRW construction ministry said. NRW underwrote the project with EUR 200,000 in public money.

The house took eight months to complete, although the architect responsible for it says the next project could take only five months.

Schnarrenbach listed a series of advantages to the new construction process.

“3D printing is a revolution in construction,” she said at the opening ceremony. “We’re faster, we need less material and we’re go easier on the environment.”