Germany in World Start-Up Top 5

June 2020

Germany is among the best places to be for start-ups – that’s the conclusion of the mapping and networking platform Startup Blink’s annual ranking.

Germany gained four places from 2019 and 2020 and now rounds out the world’s top five, trailing only the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel and Canada.

Among cities, the German capital Berlin rated highest at number 8, making it the only EU city in the top ten after Brexit. Leipzig was a big mover, jumping up 173 places to number 117. But German cities in general drew praise for start-up friendliness.

“Germany has a diverse ecosystem with a mega hub Berlin, 2 additional top 50 global hubs in Munich and Hamburg, and 6 additional cities in the top 200, with another 22 cities below that,” Startup Blink wrote in its report. “31 German cities in total are in the rankings, reflecting how deep the German ecosystem is and how much potential it has to grow.”

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