Germany Publishes Guidelines for International Green Hydrogen Funding

October 2021

The German government has set the criteria for awarding EUR 350 million up for grabs between now and the end of 2024 for green hydrogen projects outside the country. The goals of the initiative are to encourage the use of German technology abroad, to help establish a global market for green hydrogen and to create structure for importing hydrogen to Germany.

An international component is an explicit part of Germany’ ambitious National Hydrogen Strategy, as it is acknowledged that Germany will need imports to meet its goals.

“In bringing the market up to scale we are counting, along with a strong domestic market, on pilot projects of our industry in partner countries,” said Minister for Economy Affairs and Energy Peter Altmaier in a statement. “Green hydrogen and its secondary products can be made cheaply and efficiently abroad.”

“Germany remains an energy importing country;” added Minister for Education and Research Anja Karliczek. “For that reason we need to quickly build up supply chains for green hydrogen from abroad.”

Commercial enterprises can receive up to EUR 15 million under this initiative, while projects by research and scientific institutions are eligible for EUR 5 million.

The guidelines in German

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