Germany Puts Additional €300 Million into EV Charging

April 2021

The German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure BMVI has launched a new program “Charging Infrastructure on Location” that will add EUR 300 million to the funds to create more electric vehicle charging stations.

The initiative is aimed specifically at small- and medium-sized enterprises such as retailers, hotels and restaurants, supermarkets, communal swimming  pools and sports facilities. Applications can be filed from April 12 to the end of 2021 and will be fast-tracked. Successful applicants can receive up to 80 percent of the cost of installing EV charging stations.

“We’re building up infrastructure where it’s needed in everyday life,” said Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer in a statement. “With that we’re supporting a solution for all those who aren’t able to charge their cars at home or at their place of work. These 300 million euros of support will bring charging opportunities where cars are parked anyway.”

The new money comes on top of EUR 400 million in subsidies for the installation of charging stations in private homes. The ministry says it plans to allocate a further EUR 350 million this summer to create charging infrastructure for commercial vehicle fleets and working people.

Germany aims to create one million public charging stations by 2030 as part of its drive to curtail its CO2 emissions.

© GettyImages/HadelProd