Germany Puts Millions into Carbon-Capture Research

November 2021

As part of the drive toward carbon neutrality, the German Ministry of Education and Research has created a new EUR 20 million fund to encourage the development of “methods for the removal of atmospheric carbon dioxide.” The program will be available to research projects for the next three years.

“Science has made it clear: along with drastic reductions in carbon emissions, we also need to take CO2 out of the atmosphere and store carbon dioxide in the long term, if we are to achieve our climate goals,” said Education and Research Minister Anja Karliczek in a statement. “We need scientific knowledge to choose the best-possible path, and for that we politicians particularly require a comparative analysis of various methods of CO2 removal…To meet these challenges, more than a hundred research from all disciplines in question are coming together in the broadest CO2 removal research program ever in Germany.”

The first carbon-capture research projects are already underway in Germany, the ministry added.

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