Germany Seals Hydrogen Deals with UAE

March 2022

The United Arab Emirates and Germany have agreed to cooperate on a number of major hydrogen projects involving companies from both nations.

Those initiatives include a joint demonstration project aimed at creating a supply chain for green hydrogen from UAE to Wilhelmshaven and initial test deliveries, and a pilot project for the transportation of blue ammoniac to Germany.

The two countries also agreed to a collaborative effort to produce synthetic kerosene and increased cooperation on research into renewable energy sources and applied hydrogen technology. The agreements came after a visit by German Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Robert Habeck to the UAE.

“Accelerating the expansion of hydrogen supply chains is a central key for the transition to sustainable energy,” Habeck said in a statement. “There is a huge demand for research and direct applications to create, store and transport green hydrogen in the United Arab Emirates and to import and use it in Germany.”

The deals, Habeck added, would help “achieve our climate goals and strengthen our energy security.” Habeck is actively searching for international partners in an effort to reduce Germany’s dependence on Russia for energy sources like natural gas and oil. His trip to UAE came after visits to Qatar and Norway .

Minister Habeck (right) in the UAE © BMWK/Masdar City Solarfarm