Germany Sets Yearly Solar Power Record After Less Than Nine Months

September 2022

Research institute Fraunhofer ISE says that before the end of September Germany had already generated more than 52.4 terawatt hours of solar electricity. That’s more than in all of 2021 or 2020, the previous record year with just over 50 TWh.

The rise in solar power was caused both by favorable weather and additions to German solar power capacity, which is being ramped up as part of Germany’s transition to clean energy sources.

Home installation of PV units have also increased massively.

The new numbers were announced as the Fraunhofer ISE is readying a test, together with the state-owned company Autobahn GmbH, of solar modules on a stretch of German highway.

Meanwhile the Solar Institute Jülich at the Technical University of Aachen is experimenting with special ceramic honeycombs capable of storing solar and wind-generated energy at temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius.

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