Germany Stays Top of “Nation Brand” Ranking

October 2020

Germany leads the pack in the 2020 Anhalt Ipsos Nation Brands Index (NBI). It’s the fourth straight year and the sixth time overall that Germany topped the annual ranking of fifty countries by the French market research group.

“Germany’s leading advantage is its consistent strength across multiple reputational categories, particularly: Exports, Immigration and Investment, Culture, and Governance,” wrote Ipsos in announcing the rankings. “Global citizens have positive feelings about buying German products, the employability of the German people, and the appeal of investing in German businesses, placing Germany first in all three categories for 2020.”

Many of the world’s largest nations’ reputations, for instance, those of the United States and China, worsened in 2020, Ipsos added. The United Kingdom came in second in the ranking, followed by Canada, Japan and France.

“The Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index 2020 results clearly show that individual country brands are as distinctive as ever, and that performance on key drivers of image have ebbed and flowed from one country to another,” said Ipsos Global Service Line Leader Reputation, Milorad Ajder.

Read the results here

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