Germany Tightens Corona Regulations for November

October 2020

In response to rising Covid-19 infection figures in Germany and across Europe, the federal German government and the sixteen regional German states have imposed a number of new restrictions, effective from November 2 until the end of the month. The new measures are aimed at controlling the pandemic.

Non-essential travel is prohibited, and hotels forbidden from accommodating tourists. Restaurants and bars are restricted to take-away service only, while cinemas, theaters, fitness studios and other leisure venues have to suspend operation. Contact in public areas is limited to two households encompassing a maximum of ten people.

Schools and kindergartens remain open, as do wholesale and retail businesses, although the number of customers is restricted to one per ten square meters of commercial space. Professional sports events are allowed to continue without spectators. Business travel is permitted, and Germany’s borders remain open. Thus, the restrictions are significantly less dramatic than the ones instituted this spring with the arrival of the pandemic in Germany.

The federal government has pledged to extend support measures for businesses whose revenues have dropped significantly because of the pandemic. It has also promised an additional 10 billion euros in state aid to mitigate the effects of the restrictions, particularly in those economic areas that are the hardest hit.

“The additional measures announced on October 28 should be seen within the context of Germany’s overall response to the coronavirus pandemic, which has earned widespread praise in many parts of the world,” says Germany Trade & Invest CEO Robert Hermann. “The fact that businesses have been allowed to remain open and that additional economic aid resources have been made available underlines the government’s emphasis on balancing concerns of public health and the economy. It’s also encouraging that schools and kindergartens are staying open. The current restrictions have been put in place for a limited period of time, and there is no reason at present to expect them to continue beyond November.”

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