Germany to Get World Record Electricity “Grid Booster”

October 2022

Erlangen company Fluence Energy and TransnetBW, the transmission system operator in the regional state of Baden-Württemberg, have announced the start of work on 250 megawatt battery-based energy storage-as-transmission project. Scheduled for completion in 2025 and located in the southwest German town of Kupferzell, the battery-based storage system will be the largest in the world. The “Netzbooster” project, as it’s known, promises to dramatically improve the efficiency of electricity transmission infrastructure. That will reduce costs to consumers and help Germany get renewably produced power from the windy north down to the load centers in the industrial south of the country. Project leaders said the facility would play an important role in Germany’s transition to clean energy. “The Netzbooster project marks a turning point to accelerate the buildout of energy storage at the transmission network level in Germany and across Europe,” Fluence EMEA President Paul McCusker told Globe Newswire. “We look forward to delivering this highly complex energy storage application at a scale required to support the country’s energy transition.”

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