Germany Trails Only US in European Patents

March 2021

The European Patent Office (EPO) says that Germans filed more applications in 2020 than people from any other nation except the United States.

Germans registered 25,954 inventions and ideas compared with 44,293 for the US and 21,841 for third-ranked Japan. The next highest-ranked European country was France with 10,554. All told, Germany accounted for 14 percent of all EPO patent applications.

German inventors were particularly active in the electric machinery, appliance and energy sectors. In the transportation industry, German company Continental led the way, with Siemens ranking third, Bosch fourth and Volkswagen eighth.

Samsung came out tops in number of patents of all types, with Siemens placing sixth, Bosch seventh and BASF tenth. The largest growth areas in 2020 were medications (+10.2 percent) and biotechnology (+6.3 percent).

The European Patent Office in Munich © Wikipedia/Kārlis Dambrāns