Germany’s Brand Value

March 2020

Germany is, of course, Europe’s largest economy, but it’s also a brand – with a specific intrinsic worth.

Consultant’s Brand Finance say that Germany’s brand value amounted to 4.9 trillion USD. That’s third best in the world after the US and China. Meanwhile, Germany’s Brand Strength Index (BSI) score increased to 88.2 out of 100, leading to a corresponding AAA rating.

Fourth on the list was Japan, which overtook Britain, in part because of Brexit.

Brand Finance Germany’s Holger Muehlbauer commented, “Despite challenges over the last year, Germany’s outstanding reputation on the global stage remains unwavering, due to a combination of its moderating role in multiple international political dilemmas and through its creation of reliable, world-class products that the ‘Made in Germany’ stamp guarantees.”

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