Germany’s Energy Security

May 2020

Reliable energy supplies are a sine qua non for doing business, so there were smiles in Germany when the country came out top in the 2020 Global Energy Security Index of scholar platform MDPI. The report was written by a pair of authors from Finland’s LUT University.

The index rated countries in fifteen categories. Germany scored high in all of them and particularly excelled in “resilience” and “policy.”

“Germany has high adaptive capacity to cope with changes and shocks in the energy system in order to ensure the continuity of a functioning society and system,” the authors wrote, “and has developed an advanced political system and regulations with regard to the energy system to ensure energy security.”

One reason for Germany’s reliability is the high level of investment. Industry association BDEW calculates that €15.5bn were invested in Germany’s electricity and gas infrastructure in 2018. That’s 23% of all industrial investment in the country – second only to Germany’s automotive sector.

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