Google Invests Billion in Digital Infrastructure and Clean Energy in Germany

September 2021

A cool one billion euros – that’s how much tech colossus Google is putting into cloud computing infrastructure and sustainable electricity in the heart of Europe from now until 2030.

At the heart of IT giant’s plans are new computing centers to be built near Berlin and the German financial capital Frankfurt. Under a new power purchase agreement (PPA), Google has pledged that the facility will initially run on 80 percent carbon-free sources from 23 different renewables projects. The company hopes to be using 100 percent green electricity by 2030.

“I’m very happy Google is placing its faith in Germany as a business location,” German Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Peter Altmaier said in a statement. “The cloud region of Frankfurt is going to grow, and a new cloud region in Berlin-Brandenburg will be created. This shows that green energy is a central factor in businesses choosing a location.”

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