Green Electricity at Purchase Price

January 2019

“Why buy your electricity when you can generate your own?” is a question that the Hamburg-based startup Enyway would like German consumers to ask themselves. The online eco-power platform offers a unique way to buy a piece of a solar power facility and “own” the electricity it generates.

For now, as part of its “Change” product, the company is offering pizza-box- and table-tennis-table-sized plots with capacities of 20 and 700 KW hours, respectively, from facilities that are built following a crowdfunding principle.

Of course, such small sizes aren’t enough to power an entire household. But, as part of its deal, Enyway supplies the rest of their customers’ power needs using certified green electricity at its purchase price – meaning customers don’t have to pay the margin that electricity companies usually charge.

Using blockchain technology, it also claims to offer its customers “maximum transparency and security.”

The founders of Enyway: Heiko von Tschischwitz, Andreas Rieckhoff, and Varena Junge © Enyway