Green Hydrogen in Saxony-Anhalt

September 2020

In August, the renowned Fraunhofer Institute broke ground for its green hydrogen electrolysis testing and experimental facility (ELP) in the town of Leuna in the eastern German state of Saxony-Anhalt. This pilot plant will help Germany’s “chemical triangle” optimize its operations and meet the future demands of the regional industry for 100,000 standard cubic meters of hydrogen per hour.

The ELP will be directly connected to a scaling platform called Hy2Chem that will make green hydrogen for partnered chemical companies.

“With the electrolysis platform, we’re creating the first German electrolysis testing location that’s fully integrated into the electrical network of the chemical industry,” said Fraunhofer deputy hydrogen manager Sylvia Schattauer. “For example, it will allow us to systematically test electrolyzers and gain valuable experience about inputting up to five megawatts into the pipeline system of our partner Linde.”

EUR 10 million have been allocated for the ELP and the Hy2Chem platform, with some of the money coming from the European Union. In general, Germany is investing big in power-to-gas, recently announcing a comprehensive 9-billion-euro National Hydrogen Strategy.

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