Half of 2022 German Generated Electricity from Renewable Sources

January 2023

Germany’s renowned Fraunhofer ISE Research Institute says that renewables accounted for 49.6 percent of the publicly generated electricity in the country (491.51 terawatt hours) last year. Fossil fuels made up 43.8 percent and nuclear energy 6.7 percent. What’s more over half (50.4 percent) of the electricity used in Germany was renewably generated.

On- and offshore wind power was responsible for 50.7 percent of sustainably produced electricity, followed by solar at 23.6 percent and biomass at 17.3 percent.

After a dip in 2021, the proportion of renewables in Germany’s energy mix in 2022 was the second highest ever in 2022, with solar increasing by 19 percent and win by 10.4 percent. Nuclear decreased by 49.9 percent and gas by 9.2. The amount of coal-produced electricity rose despite the German government’s commitment to phasing out that power source.

The German government has set a target of 80 percent renewables by 2030.

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