Hamburg Entrepreneurs Build Next Generation Jet Board

February 2022

Could this be the next big thing in surfing? The modular “mo-jet” delivers 116 kilograms of thrust and is capable of speeds of up to 65 kilometers an hour.

The board is the brainchild of an unusual trio of entrepreneurs – an insurance saleswoman, a surfer and an engineer – who worked on their invention for a decade.

“We just wanted to create the coolest product possible,” said co-founder Jennifer Köhnsen in a statement. “A system that’s fun for everyone, child’s play to transport and use, and overwhelming to the senses.”

Aside from the fun factor, the board can also be used for water rescue operations. The team funded the business in part with a Kickstarter campaign in 2021, reaching their goal in a mere five hours. Seed investment firm MBG Schleswig-Holstein has also gotten involved.

The mo-jet goes on the market very soon and will cost around EUR 10,000.

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