Healing Wounds with Plasma Technology

February 2019

The healing effects of plasma have long been known, but hospitals and other care-givers have not had an efficient and easy way to utilize it – until now.

The Greifswald-based startup Coldplasmatech has developed a duo of medical devices – the PlasmaCube and PlasmaPatch – that could revolutionize the treatment of slow-­healing, chronic, or infected wounds.

They harness plasma therapy in a way that is not only safe, easy, painless, and portable, but can also speed up the treatment process by covering a large area of skin.

While stimulating the body’s self-healing powers through cell regeneration, the active dressing also disinfects wounds by killing even the most resistant bacteria.

The spin-off from the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology has won multiple prestigious awards, including the 2018 German Innovation Award, and reportedly plans to produce 500,000 patches in 2019.

Treatment with plasma therapy © Coldplasmatech