Hessen’s Hydrogen Future

October 2020

Construction has commenced in the western German regional state of Hessen, home to Germany’s financial capital Frankfurt, on a hydrogen fuel station for an ambitious public transport project.

Regional authorities aim to replace the state’s fleet of diesel trains by December 2022 with what they say will the world’s largest fleet of hydrogen passenger trains. French multinational Alstom will provide the trains while Frankfurt industrial park provider Infraserv Höchst will run the fueling station.

The project has a total volume of EUR 500 million.

“We’re opening a new chapter in emission-free mobility,” said the CEO of the Rhine-Main Transportation Association (RMV), Knut Ringat, at the groundbreaking ceremony. “With 27 trains we are setting a new world record. Nowhere else is there such a large, fuel-cell passenger fleet.”


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