Hot German Robotics Firm Records Big Cash Influx

February 2022

Wandelbots, a high-flying start-up from the eastern German city of Dresden, has ascended to the next financial level with a funding round of USD 84 million.

Founded in 2017, the start-up developed a no-code system whereby users can teach robotics by physically showing the machines how to perform certain tasks. Investors, including a US VC Insight Partners, see Wandelbots as part of a multi-billion-dollar developing market.

Dresden, which is located in the regional state of Saxony, has positioned itself as a leading German robotics location.

“Wandelbots is a prime example of a young and innovative start-up within our hub community,” says Michael Kaiser, CEO of the Smart Systems Hub Dresden and part of Germany’s Digital Hub Initiative. “It all started with a simple, yet brilliant idea: ‘What if we could simply show a robot what to do instead of tediously programming every step of its work process?’ Now, robots from Universal Robots & Yaskawa running on their software are used by customers like BMW, VW, Fraunhofer, Schaeffler, Rotop, and Vitesco, while partnerships with system integrators have been established across Europe including Gibas, Sojka, Alumotion, and Heidenbluth.“

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