Huawei’s Berlin Flagship

August 2020

The Chinese tech giant is opening global flagship store on Berlin’s luxury boulevard Kurfürstendamm. It’s Huawei’s sixth store of this kind, after Shenzen, Shanghai, Paris, Madrid and Barcelona.

Huawei’s country head consumer business group in Germany, William Tian, told Wirtschaftswoche magazine that the new flagship would showcase the company as more than just a maker of smartphones.

“The idea is for our customers to try out our other products,” Tian said. “It’s focused on their experience of how all our products, including laptops, tablets, wearables, watched, glasses, headphones and smart TVs work together.”

The latest generation of Huawei smart phones has drawn praise for the particular quality of the cameras, which were developed together with German company Leica.

“Huawei is glad to work together with industry partners in order to be able to offer the best technology at the best price,” Tian explained. “That’s why we’re working together with Leica.”

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