Hydrogen Busses

September 2020

The eastern German city of Cottbus wants to make its bus fleet CO2 neutral. For that to happen, some of its 55 vehicles will have to run on “green hydrogen” produced from renewably generated electricity. To that end Cottbus has signed an agreement of intent with power company Lausitz Energie Kraftwerke AG (LEAG).

The project entails building an electrolysis facility for converting green electricity into hydrogen and the first ever hydrogen filling station in the Lusatia area. Project developers hope it will spur other local businesses and authorities to adopt fuel-cell technology for their own fleets.

“We want the value creation connect with the project to remain in the region as much as possible,” said LEAG Power Plant Asset Manager Thomas Hörtinger on the company website. “The local creation and storage of hydrogen and its use as fuel locally makes economic sense because it doesn’t require any lengthy transport.”

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