Hydrogen Firm Aims to Build First Gigaplant in Germany

October 2021

Dresden’s Sunfire has big plans for H2 in the eastern German city. The third-largest hydrogen technology company in the country has just raised EUR 109 million to fund a 500 megawatt production facility to be finished by 2023. Capacity will later be increased to one gigawatt a year.

“We will use this money to bring our two electrolysis technologies up to industrial scale and build the first gigafactories,” said Sunfire CEO Nils Aldag in a statement.

Sunfire specializes in solid-oxide, high-temperature electrolysis, which uses hot steam generated in many factories as excess industrial heat. The technology is particularly suited for use in steelworks and refineries. The company also uses cost efficient alkaline water electrolysis technology it adopted after taking over Swiss electrolyzer constructor IHT Industrie Haute at the start of this year.

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