Hydrogen-Hybrid Garbage Truck

August 2020

There’s an unusual sight on the roads of the northern German city of Bremen: a hydrogen-hybrid garbage truck. It’s the first time such a vehicle, which features both battery and fuel-cell technology, has ever been used in practice.

The truck, constructed by the FAUN company, is being tested out until November, but the carmaker expects to go into serial production next year and believes that hydrogen-powered vehicles will replace diesel ones in waste removal by the middle of this decade.

With its hybrid “Bluepower” motor, the FAUN garbage truck features an 85 KwH battery that can be recharged in 30 minutes and that is sufficient to remove ten tons of trash. But a fuel cell and hydrogen tanks provide an additional 100 KwH and extend the vehicle’s range to 180 kilometers. And the motor can be expanded to include two further fuel cells.

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