AirBnB for Outdoor Advertising

February 2021

The billboard business in Germany is relatively conservative, with the same traditional, analogue-oriented players dominating the sector even in the digital age. That’s something that Berlin digital outdoor-advertising start-up Hygh aims to change.

The three founders, previously active in fintech, came up with the idea for their company when they tried to purchase outdoor advertising, only to be rebuffed by providers who said that they were too small to afford conventional campaigns, which start at around ER 50,000.

Hygh offers customers the chance to book video screen advertisements, for instance in late-night corner shops, whatever their budgets and from the comfort of their own homes.

Shops and other locations can also earn EUR 120 a month by hosting Hygh display screens. For this reason the idea has been described as an “AirBnB for outdoor advertising.”

© Hygh