Indian and German Start-Ups Cooperate

July 2020

GTAI Senior Manager Asha-Maria Sharma is an ambassador for the GINSEP exchange program between Indian and German start-ups. We asked her what it entails.

Sharma: The initiative has existed since 2018 and is a child of the German Association of Start-Ups and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. The idea is to build bridges and establish a more structured network between the two ecosystems. For instance, Indian companies can learn how to start a business in Germany. We also want to help integrate Indian specialists into the German labor market.

Any success stories?

Sharma: There are several German-Indian start-ups active in this environment. One is involved in placing experts, others work in the health sector and app development.

What can the two business cultures gain from one another?

Sharma: Indian start-ups see that if they establish themselves in Germany, they can be successful throughout Europe. And German startups see how much developmental potential there is in India because of the country’s sheer size.


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