Intoxicating Innovation

August 2019

With Germans consuming less and less of the traditional sorts of the national beverage, beer, brewers and beverage companies are being forced to be inventive.

Germany’s second largest beer producer Oettinger, for instance, has come up with a beer mixed drink using hemp. With an ABV of only 2.5 percent, it contains beer, green tea and herbal extracts, and THC.

“The whole world is talking about hemp,” says Oettinger owner Pia Kollmar. “We now have the corresponding beer mixed drink.”

The new beverage bears the name Hanfkiss – the German for hemp being Hanf. It was tested out at a Bavarian music festival, where it proved a huge hit, and was introduced in the Edeka and Rewe supermarket chains in July. In 2018 Oettinger brewed 4.83 million hectoliters of beer.

© OETTINGER Brauerei GmbH