Introducing the Drivery

December 2019

Berlin has a new address for those who want to create the mobility of the future. This spring, a 10,000 square meter co-working and networking space called The Drivery opened its doors, billing itself as “Europe’s Largest Mobility Innovation Community & Marketplace.”

The facility contains several hundred workspaces and includes an “algorithm farm” of high-performance computers, an automotive workshop equipped for autonomous and electric vehicles and spaces for special events and Drivery members to just hang out.

“Our goal is to create an ecosystem for all, a place to exchange ideas and develop joint solutions for all aspects of mobility,” says Drivery founder Timon Rupp. “Today’s mobility – including structures of industry and forms of organization, won’t work tomorrow. We need to bolster the potential that already exists to make the technologies connected with autonomous, electric driving ready for the market.”

Networking at The Drivery © The Drivery