Jena to Become “Laboratory” for Heating and Electricity Provision

November 2022

The German government is investing more than EUR 20 million to set up a “field laboratory” in the eastern German city of Jena to develop smart city innovations in heat and electricity supply.

According to the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK), the project, called JenErgieReal, will involve establishing large energy storage facilities around the city as well as photovoltaic and solar thermal power generation systems and networking them via a virtual platform.

District storage facilities as well as facilities that make the grid more efficient will be combined with electric vehicle charging stations and combined heat-and-power generation facilities. Conversely, EVs and a commercial energy storage facility will be integrated into the system for quick charging the grid. Heat lost in the quick charging process will be recovered and used in a decentral heating system.

“With JenErgieReal, the BMWK is underwriting a field laboratory in eastern Germany that is intended to how urban energy system can be transformed and cities can be sustainably provided with heat and electricity,” said BMWK state secretary Stefan Wenzel in a statement. “Jena is a blueprint for urban energy systems throughout Germany.”

Jena at night © pixabay