Jute Packaging

December 2019

Think packaging materials, and you’ll probably automatically think of Styrofoam. That’s something Alexandra Kletzsch, and her company Kompackt61, would like to change.

The Nuremberg entrepreneur wants to replace Styrofoam packaging materials, particularly for cooled and frozen food, with special sheets made of natural jute and potato starch. The sheets can keep food at the right temperature for at least 48 hours and can then be composted.

Kletzsch’s idea is based on historical uses of jute for this purpose, and the jute itself is recycled, often from sacks that previously contained cocoa. Kompackt61’s clients thus far have been Bavarian mail-order food providers, especially purveyors of meat.

Kletzsch says that her goal for the next five years is to establish herself and her company as pioneers in the ecological food packaging. And she’s putting her money where her mouth is – the company is self-financed.

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