A Different Kind of Airport Hub

January 2020

When we talk about airport hubs, we usually mean transportation centers. But the planned LabCampus at Munich Airport is a hub of a different kind.

The campus, which will cover an area equivalent to 70 soccer fields and is scheduled to open from 2022-25, is envisioned as an interdisciplinary meeting place for innovators, including creative minds, investors, start-ups, global players and entrepreneurs.

So why choose an airport as a location? “More than 150,000 people pass through Munich Airport every day: passengers, visitors and employees who are all potential clients, partners and visitors of the LabCampus,” explains Thomas Weyer, Munich Airport’s director of finance and infrastructure. “Nowhere else is there better connectivity for clients and partners.”

Partners include companies like Siemens, research institutions like the Fraunhofer Institute and the universities of Munich and Erlangen-Nuremberg.

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