Earth Observation

April 2020

Small causes can have devastating effects. Preventing them is the mission of the Berlin start-up LiveEO, which promises “answers from above.”

The idea is to use artificial intelligence to monitor satellite images of everything from railway tracks to pipelines and electrical networks. The EO in the company name stands for “earth observation.”

Founders Sven Przywarra and Daniel Seidel have been fascinated by the possibilities of space. Originally, they wanted to develop space hardware, but “We were five years too late,” Seidel recalls. So they changed course to focus on software.

One of their first costumers was German rail company Deutsche Bahn, which struggles with the problem of fallen trees blocking tracks. An energy provider also uses LiveEO to keep an eye of 300,000 kilometers of powerlines.

The company has attracted investment capital in the mid-seven-figure range.

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