Made in Germany Boom in Israel

November 2019

German-made products currently enjoy unprecedented popularity among Israelis.

According to a study carried out by Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI), increasing numbers of Israelis associate German products with quality and reliability. And German exports to Israel rose more than 5 percent last year.

The legacy of the Holocaust meant that for years Israelis were long reluctant to buy goods made in Germany, and there was a ban on German imports in the years following the Second World War.

“It was only the rise of a new generation that a slow rapprochement took place and sales increased,” explains Charme Rykower, Senior Executive of the German-Israeli Chamber of Industry & Commerce.

Now Israel imports 4.5 billion euros worth of goods from Germany, and German-made products are aggressively marketed as such. Rykower says there have even been cases of companies falsely advertising their products as being German in an attempt to boost sales.

Tel Aviv, Israel © Nemo Frenk on Pixabay