World’s Favorite Label

September 2019

There’s no better label for products around the world than “Made in Germany.” That’s the conclusion of a new study carried out by the online survey platform YouGov and Cambridge University in the UK.

The survey asked people in 23 different countries whether knowing that a product was made in a certain country made them more inclined to think positively or negatively about it. Germany came out as the clear frontrunner with +45 positive. Italy (+38) was second, followed by the UK and France (both +34), Japan and Canada (both +33), and the United States (+29). Bringing up the rear was China with a score of -29.

German products were enjoying particular regard in Egypt, where 77% of respondents said they felt positively about products that bore the stamp “Made in Germany.” Mexico, Turkey and India were also among the nations with a particularly high estimation of German products.

Ironically, the “Made in Germany” label was introduced by the British government in the late nineteenth century to dissuade consumers from buying cheap German imports.

“The label stuck, but the idea that it stands for poor quality was quickly consigned to history,” says Germany Trade & Invest Chairman/CEO Jürgen Friedrich. “For decades, German companies’ innovativeness and emphasis on quality and precision have augmented the brand and made it a success. Today, all over the world, ‘Made in Germany’ stands for innovation, reliability and durability.”

German battery production © VW