Major Deal in German Drone Logistics

March 2022

German logistics company Zeitfracht Group has ordered 17 delivery drones made by hot young start-up Wingcopter, with an option for an addition 115 in the next two years. The aircraft will come into use for offshore deliveries as of the second half of 2024, for example, to bring spare parts to offshore windfarms.

The agreement also foresees further collaboration in R&D for instance into applications for deliveries to moving ships. The drones will take off from Rostock airport.

Wingcopters are world leaders in the ratio of payload (up to five kilograms) to range (up to 110 kilometers). They take off and land vertically and are able to withstand high winds and bad weather. They run solely on electricity.

“We believe the time is now ripe for the commercial use of drones, for example, for the delivery of spare parts to offshore wind farms,” said Zeitfracht CEO Wolfram Simon-Schröter in a statement. “Together with Wingcopter we have the ideal prerequisites to drive this technology a huge step forward.”

“We will tap into a new, fast-growing field of application for which the Wingcopter 198 is ideally suited,” added Wingcopter co-founder and CEO Tom Plümmer. “In addition, the test site and the close cooperation offer the opportunity to jointly develop further promising business areas.”

Drones are a rapidly expanding market, expected to grow from an estimated current €840 million to EUR 1.6 billion by 2025.

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