Mass Production of Stem Cells

April 2020

Stem cells are a vital element in biotechnology research, but so far they have been difficult to mass produce. Dresden start-up denovoMATRIX wants to change all that.

Founded in 2018, the award-winning company has come up with a chemical coating for laboratory containers that mimics the environment in human bodies where stem cells grow. The idea evolved from years of research carried out by cofounder Robert Wieduwild at Leipzig University’s Institute for Biochemistry.

DenovoMATRIX already sells its technology – including screenMATRIX, a modular microenvironment using biomimetic coatings, and myMATRIX MSC, a serum-free and chemically defined cell culture – to more than 10 research institutes and hopes that someday it will be standard for use in equipment like petri dishes.

The company’s aim is to make stem cell treatments accessible. Stem cell therapies are increasingly replacing conventional medications for the treatment of blood, skin and eye ailments and are also used to treat spinal cord injuries, stroke, heart disease and diabetes. The research team hopes that one day they will be able to use the stem cells to grow replacement body organs.

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