Massive Battery Storage Facility for Renewables Underway

September 2022

German companies Smart Power and SMA Solar Technology are building what they say is one of Europe’s largest electricity storage facilities near the eastern German city of Eisenach. With a connection power of 60 megawatts and a capacity of 67 MWh, the “Wartburg storage battery” will help integrate renewably produced electricity into the power grid.

“The Wartburg storage battery represents a crucial element for the reliable, climate-friendly provision of energy,” said Smart Power CEO Thorsten Klöpper in the company press release. The goal is to stabilize the frequency in the electrical grid.”

The facility will use lithium ion batteries made by Samsung and is designed to use a minimum space, with the 350-ton alternating current converter being housed in a 3.5-meter high concrete casing.

The new facility will help feed renewable energy into the grid © Smart Power GmbH