Agents of Disruption

November 2019

The online real estate platform McMakler has attracted 50 million euros in venture capital – a record for a proptech start-up in a single round of financing.

“Makler” is German for real-estate agent, and the company’s young founders aspire to become Europe’s online leaders in precisely that area. The fresh capital will be used to expand McMakler’s transaction platform and firm’s teams in Germany, Austria and France.

Investors think that a fresh approach is long overdue in the sector. “It’s astonishing how analogue the traditional real-estate agent branch remains,” says Assaf Harel, partner in the venture-capital investor Israel Growth Partners. “For that reason it’s ripe for disruptive technology.”

Other investors with faith in McMakler’s potential include Target Global and Frog Capital.

Founders and managing directors of McMakler: Lukas Pieczonka, Felix Jahn, Hanno Heintzenberg © McMakler