Medtecs Head List of German Start-Up Financing Winners

October 2020

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic restrictions, some companies managed to buck the trend and reel in some serious capital. Not surprisingly, they were led by medtechs, including the two firms widely known for working on Covid-19 vaccines.

In late June, BioNTech took in USD 250 million from investors led by Singapore company Temasek. Curevac were no slouches either, banking EUR 142 million from Britain’s GlaxoSmothKlein in the latter half of July. Both are currently resting potential coronavirus vaccines.

Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs Growth put its faith in Bonn IT start-up LeanIx to the tune USD 80 million. The firm describes itself as “like Google Maps for a company’s IT landscape.”

Also working in the corporate IT sector is software provider Contentful, located in Berlin and San Francisco. It received investments of more than EUR 70 million, led by software giant SAP.

Munich start-up Kaia Health attracted USD 33 million. The company specializes in digital therapy to counter back pain.

And finally Berlin fintech Penta nabbed EUR 22.5 million in seed money in funding rounds between March and July.

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